Earn Crypto Profits with Legacy Tokens


Step #1 Connect To Support/Updates

Join Our Discord Mastermind & Support Community

Join Our Official Telegram Announcement Channel

Step #2 Open Brokerage Account

You are welcome to use whichever broker you’d like, however your software will come conveniently pre-installed on the following brokers. If you are not using one of the brokers below,
you may ask a
support representative to custom install your software onto your brokers MT4 platform.

(Open a demo account and make sure to save your broker ID# and password)


Step #3 Connect Your Broker Account With MT4

Once logged into your Included VPS Instance, double click on your broker MT4 icon on your VPS desktop.

Then click “File” –> “Login To Trade Account”

From there, enter your broker ID#, Password, and select your brokers server. (demo)

Step #5 Load & Configure Software

Right click on currency pair in “Market Watch” section.

Click “Chart Window”.

Click on “Expert Advisor” in “Navigator” section.

Click and drag the EA (software) that you want to install onto the chart window.

Configure Settings by clicking on the “smiley face” in the top right corner of the chart. Then click “inputs”.

Click “Auto Trading” on (should show green).

PS: Our Most Profitable Users Traded on Demo an average
of 7-30 Days Before Going Live With Software Settings.

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